Steel Threaded Inserts

High quality zinc plated steel and stainless steel threaded inserts.

Rivet Bush

Steel rivet bush with serated spigot for thin section/sheet materials.

Can be installed into punched or drilled holes manually or with an auto feed press.

Available in plain steel, stainless steel or zinc plated steel.

Please contact us for price and stock information.

Rivet Bush
All dimensions in mm.
Pilot hole dimensions for reference purposes only.
ØD1 Pilot Hole
M2.53.17 7.92 5.54
M33.17 7.92 5.54
M3.5 3.17 9.52 6.73
M43.17 9.52 6.73
M5 3.81 11.10 7.92
M65.0812.70 9.52
M8 6.35 15.87 12.70
M10 7.62 19.05 15.87
M12 10.16 25.40 19.05

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